Okay, so yeah. To save reading for some people - we have decided to shut down the hosting. Yes, I know some of you have been looking forward to this a lot.

Why did we decide to do this?

I've been running this since 2019. It was a really great time until a bigger image uploaders community was formed. All that dramas, toxicy other shit was funny, that's why I tried not to have anything to do with it, but as it turned out, this was not enough. There will be some people who will make your life miserable just because the upload was slower than his or because you are Polish. I no longer have the strength or desire to play with such people. This community is simply a joke. Not all of you, of course. I have met some wonderful people along the way that I now interact with on a daily basis.

What about people who bought premium?

For people who bought premium I will write separate information on premium chat in some time. :)

What about my images, logs and everything?

We have completely removed all user data from the servers. They can no longer be recovered.

What about the domain now, can I buy it?

I will pay the domain all the time. I don't want it to be bought by the owner of another crappy hosting site of which there are plenty. The second reason is that we will still use the domain as private hosting. I would like to thank geeseene for their help with the private hosting source code. As I wrote all the code myself from 0 - the source code is also not for sale. I spent too much time on it to sell it now. I respect my work, because I didn't just copy the code from Github and slightly changed it just like half of the hostings.

At the very end - thank you to everyone who has helped me. I am not deleting Discord server, I don't know what will happen on yet, but I don't want to lose contact with some of you. Just thank you. ❤️

Check out our bio page project - Clippy.

You can also always still join to kurwa.club Discord.

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