frequently asked questions

if you have a question that is not here - ask on discord

is this service paid?

no, this service is free. you can buy premium but it is not required

how i can get an invite?

get invited by user who is already registered, win a giveaway or boost our discord server

what is maximum upload file size?

maximum upload file size is 50 mb per file

where i can download sharex config?

go to settings > third-party uploaders > sharex

how i can get user role on discord?

link your discord account in settings > link discord

i linked wrong discord account, can i change that?

yes, you can by opening ticket on discord

how to set fake url as url, not as text?

just add https:// or http:// to your text to make it as url

my sharex does not upload files to hosting, what i can do?

check if you have enabled uploading files to hosting. to do it click lmb on sharex icon in tray > after capture tasks > upload image to host

can i share my account/token?

no, you cant

can i have more than one account?

no, why you should?

can i sell my invites?

definitely not. respect our work

where i can report something uploaded here?

to report content uploaded on our hosting, you need to fill report form