frequently asked questions

read first, then ask

is this service paid?

no, this service is and always will be free. you can buy premium to get extra benefits but it is not required

how i can get an invite?

get invited by user who is already registered or boost our discord server

what is maximum upload file size?

maximum upload file size is 25 mb/file for users and 50 mb/file for premium users

where i can download sharex config?

go to settings > third-party uploaders > sharex

how i can get user role on discord?

link your discord account in settings > link discord

how to set fake url as url, not as text?

just add https:// or http:// to your text to make it as url

how to configure domain to work with own domain option?

sign in to your cloudflare account. then click add a site button and enter all necessary data. after adding the domain, select it from list and go to rules tab. now add a new rule by clicking create page rule and enter data as is shown on preview below

my sharex does not upload files to hosting, what i can do?

check if you have enabled uploading files to hosting. to do it click lmb on sharex icon in tray > after capture tasks > upload image to host

can i share my account/token?

no, you cant

can i have more than one account?

no, why should you?

can i sell my invites?

definitely not. respect our work

what if somebody is trying to sell invites?

report that user to us immediately. if you report it to us, you will get invite from us as thanks. never purchase invites!

where i can appeal from a ban on discord/service?

to appeal from a ban, create a ticket on our discord or send email to [email protected]

where i can report something uploaded here?

to report content uploaded on our hosting, you need to fill report form